The municipal solid waste dilemma essay

Specifically, MSW is waste generated by commercial and household sources that is collected and either recycled, incinerated, or disposed of in MSW landfills.

The municipal solid waste dilemma essay

With the fast paced life we are living in today, there have been many developments in different areas most specifically technology given that with any resource that is being used to produce something will result to production of wastes and deploring public health conditions. Furthermore, as development progresses, population also grows; and apparently population growth directly affects generation of wastes, be it solid or liquid.

As a result, some of the offensive wastes during the first half of this century were hazardous.

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Indeed, rapid urbanization, population growth and changes in lifestyles in low- and middle-income countries contribute to increasing the per capita domestic waste generation.

In fact, millions of metric tons of waste are being generated worldwide. Metro manila, having a population of 11, and an annual growth rate of 5.

Meanwhile, daily waste generation of a city ranges from tons per day. Thus, to alleviate this rising dilemma, proper waste management is necessary.

This requires an assessment of many complex interaction systems, land use patterns, urban growth and development, and public health considerations. According to the World Resources Institute one to two thirds of the municipal solid waste generated in the developing world is dumped indiscriminately on streets or in drains, thus causing floods, insect and rodent breeding grounds and the spread of diseases.

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As more and more wastes is produced and collected, dumpsites and landfills will require huge spaces and large budgets. The collected waste is generally dumped on land in a more or less uncontrolled manner.

Such uncontrolled waste disposal eventually creates serious environmental problems; cause serious financial and socio-economic losses; and affect human and animal health in the long run.

Though there have been laws like R. First is that, sustained waste production is inevitable; and second is that, disposal oriented technology is a solution for waste problems and therefore should be the focus of legal and scientific attention.

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Unfortunately, without up-to-date research and development on urban solid waste management, this problem will remain to be without in depth attention; and effectiveness of certain polices will impede. For that reason, this paper attempts to shed light on formulation of policies, programs and laws regarding proper waste management that will be of great help in pursuance of economic development.

Furthermore, this research has two concerns: Waste Management Essay Waste management is crucial to the health care and hospital industry and is necessary in ensuring a sustainable future - Waste Management Essay introduction.

Waste management and waste minimisation practices serve to protect and enhance public health, minimise the environmental implications of disposing of health care waste and where possible ensure that waste is reduced, reused and recycled.

There are various waste streams generated within healthcare and hospital facilities, below are three types of waste generated and the specific requirements and procedures that need to be followed when disposing of such wastes. General Waste includes any waste that is not capable of being composted, recycled, reprocessed or re-used and is free of any apparent or actual pathological, infectious, radioactive or hazardous chemical contamination.

General waste may include but not be limited to sanitary waste, urinary catheters, medical instrument packaging, incontinence pads, disposable nappies, intravenous tubing non- infectious patients onlydrained dialysis waste, paper towel and stoma bags.

The municipal solid waste dilemma essay

General healthcare waste is usually placed into black or green bags and can be disposed of in landfill. We will write a custom essay sample on Waste Management.Managing Municipal Solid Waste Essay Introduction Municipal solid waste also known as trash, garbage, rubbish or refuse is a solid waste type that is discarded by people from their day to day activities and comes from the items that they use or results from their activities (Chowdhury, ).

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The waste type is composed of many [ ]. Essay on The Municipal Solid Waste Dilemma - Everyone buys things and sooner or later, we will throw it away. Or suppose we eat at Mc Donald's. Essay on Improving Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Management in Indonesia - Raddy defined Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) as any garbage or refuse or other discarded material arising from every day items produced by domestic, community, industrial, commercial, agricultural .

Solid Waste The garbage that is managed by local governments is known as municipal solid waste [1] (MSW). Specifically, MSW is waste generated by commercial and household sources that is collected and either recycled, incinerated, or disposed of in MSW landfills.

The U.S. The solid waste contains municipal garbage, waste tires, industrial waste, agricultural refuse, toys and furniture, oil and so on.

Normally, The Municipal Solid Waste contains four components, which are recycling, composting, disposal and waste to energy. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is a type of waste that, in particular, is not carried by water or air. The Federal Government of United States of America defines solid waste as any discarded material that is not excluded (40 CFR 2; Mihelcic and Hutzler, ).

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