Respiratory function dysfunction essay

Advanced Search Abstract Acute respiratory failure ARF in patients over 65 years is common in emergency departments EDs and is one of the key symptoms of congestive heart failure CHF and respiratory disorders. The age-related structural changes of the respiratory system, their consequences in clinical assessment and the pathophysiology of ARF are reviewed.

Respiratory function dysfunction essay

Spirometry is a diagnostic pulmonary function test. Relatively easy to perform, for both the patient and the clinician, Spirometry testing is noninvasive.

The spirometry tests measure lung volumes. There are many reasons spirometry testing is done. Most common would be to assess lung function in disease process, but studies are also done in exercise testing for lung capacity and expenditure of oxygen.

Speech Language Pathologists are also concerned with Spirometry testing. We will write a custom essay sample on Spirometry or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER The lungs are the power house of speech; therefore in assessing speech disorders, it is necessary to understand lung volumes and their role in speech production.

Physicians such as lung specialists, or Pulmonologists, perform lung function studies to assess and diagnose a variety of patient conditions. COPD should be considered with any adult that exhibits shortness of breath.

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Other disease processes that Spirometry is useful for: Also, spirometry testing is useful to follow lung disease history, and assess response to lung treatments. Pulmonary testing and equipment has seen much technological advancement through centuries, since the first known test of this kind was performed around A.

He used an animal bladder to perform his experiments. Today Spirometry equipment is accurate computerized technology, can be portable, while specialized tests like Plethysmograph, is done inside a closed chamber. The computer software reads the results, records the information on a graph. The apparatus consists of a mouthpiece that the patient will breathe into, connected to a hose that is attached to the computer.

Inside the mouthpiece and hose there are sensors that allow the flow of air inhaled and exhaled to be measured. The mouthpiece is disposable for infection control purposes. A nose piece must be utilized; to clamp off the nares and insure that all air inspired or expired is coming through the mouth.

Basic spirometry allows the air volume that enters and exits the lungs, along with the rate and force of the exchange to be measured.

Respiratory function dysfunction essay

Normal lung volumes for gender have been established and the test results are compared to these baselines. Before the procedure, basic information about the patient will be assessed, such as height, weight, medical history, and a careful respiratory history, along with respiratory medications.

Assessment of medications is important, as some medications will need to be withheld prior to the testing. In other tests, such as the Post Bronchodilator Test, a medication is going to be administered to achieve the results needed.

The test is always performed with the patient sitting down, with safety in mind, as the inspiration and forced expiration can cause a patient to faint.

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Education on test procedure, and why test is being performed is important for the patient prior to testing, because Spirometry relies on patient compliance for complete and accurate results. Also, complete education can prevent typical errors, such as not exhaling to max capacity, taking an extra breathe, or air leak around lips.

Spirometry testing is limited to those patients that can understand and follow the instructions, young children that cannot follow the directions, and patients with altered consciousness are unable to perform this type of test.

A Speech Language Pathologist will be concerned with client respiratory status in performing assessments for speech and voice disorders. It is important to know when a referral for pulmonary function testing would be necessary, in order to allow the client the most positive outcome with speech and voice therapy.

Vital to speech, is the power of the lungs, inspiration and expiration are necessary for the vocal folds to vibrate and produce sound. A clients inability to adequately fill the lungs and will result in poor expiratory quality, affecting the sound produced.

A breathy voice or low pitch could be due to lung dysfunction or disease process. Breathing technique can be taught to improve sound quality. Overall health improvement found through diagnosis and treatment of lung disorders can assist the client in voice production.

Incentive Spirometry is related to Spirometry testing, loosely. Incentive Spirometry is a breathing exercise tool that can assist the client in gaining more breathing power to improve speech. A simple apparatus, the Incentive Spirometer is a clear plastic device, with an attached hose and mouth piece.

The cylindrical body of the Incentive Spirometer is marked with gradient volumes, and a baffle inside moves when air is drawn out, indicating the volume inspired. The process is simple: This process is repeated several times, generally ever hour or two for the prescribed time period.Since improved oxygenation does not necessarily imply improved lung function, healed lungs or treatment of the underlying cause of acute respiratory distress syndrome, inhaled nitric acid is not associated with increased  · Respiratory Research is an Open Access, peer-reviewed, online journal that considers manuscripts on all aspects of respiratory function and disease..

The journal welcomes studies on The role of the respiratory therapist is to administer and assess the effectiveness of prescribed treatments, to evaluate the effects on other body systems, to evaluate the effects of non-pulmonary abnormalities on the cardiopulmonary function, and to relay this information to other members of the health care  · Respiratory dysfunction in children tends to be more severe than in adults.

Several differences in the infant’s or child’s respiratory system account for the Chapter 19 NURSING CARE OF THE CHILD WITH A RESPIRATORY DISORDER 3 1 mm circum f erential edema causes 50%  · Abstract Introduction Parkinson’s disease (PD) can influence the function of respiration, phonation and articulation, quality of speech, swallowing, salivation, and graphomotor  · Pathophysiology of Respiratory Failure and Use of Mechanical VentilationUse of Mechanical Ventilation Puneet Katyal, MBBS, MSHI Ognjen GajicOgnjen Gajic, MD Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USAMayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA.

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