Fp 120 essentials of personal finance syllabus

Financial literacy involves a number of different areas of understanding. Learning about money and how it works is an important aspect, as well as understanding products like credit, loans, and investments.

Fp 120 essentials of personal finance syllabus

Life, Love, and Money 3. Fulfills core Social and Behavioral Sciences requirement. On campus. F, S, SS. Introduction to Personal Finance 3. Introduction to personal finance, including goal setting, cash management, credit, insurance, taxes, housing, investment alternatives and retirement plans.

Distance and on-campus. Financial Counseling and Consumer Credit Introduces students to the financial counseling process and provides a detailed examination of various types of consumer credit and strategies to manage debt. Fulfills service-learning requirement.

Writing Intensive. Personal Finance: Goal Planning 3. Personal Finance: Managing Risks 3. Focuses on the concepts of risk management and how to plan for managing risk, including building cash reserves, investing in human capital, and purchasing insurance.

Fp 120 essentials of personal finance syllabus

Also covers employee benefits, government entitlements, and estate planning. Personal Finance: Investing 3. Focuses on the fundamentals of personal investing to meet financial goals, including cash management, investing terminology, risk and return, tax implications of investments, stocks and bonds, mutual funds and exchange traded funds, portfolio management, and retirement income management.

Getting Your First Job 1. Introduces practical financial choices regarding employee benefits when starting a career, including basic understanding of job searching, tax planning, investment options, and risk management.

Distance and on campus. Students are expected to develop a sound financial plan; analyze information; justify financial decisions; and describe the process used to track, evaluate, and adjust financial plans to meet goals.Here is the best resource for homework help with FINANCE FP/ Essential of personal finance at University Of Phoenix.

Find FINANCEFP/ study guides. Week 1. Understanding Personal Finance The Building Blocks to Achieving Personal Financial Success Spend Less So You Can Save and Invest More Financial Success and Happiness Using the Building Blocks The Economy Affects Your Personal Financial Success Where Are We in the Business Cycle?

What Is the Future Direction of the Economy? Apr 03,  · Undergraduate Courses for All Texas Tech Students.

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PFI Life, Love, and Money (3). Examines interconnected behaviors among various human relationships & money to provide life skills designed to improve decision making abilities in the areas of money, relationships, time, & values.

Nov 07,  · Personal Finance Words | 3 Pages. Unit Personal Finances Marc Wilks Kaplan University MM Professor Heather Bullard October 3, Having an understanding of basic financial principles is essential for anyone who wants to exercise control over their personal income.

Fp 120 essentials of personal finance syllabus

♦ In addition to raising your personal financial literacy (an excellent reason in and of itself), the optional extra credit assignment (additional book or personal finance conference summary/reaction paper) will also raise your grade by a half-step (e.g., B+ to A, B to B+, etc.).

FIN Personal Finance College of Charleston Course Syllabus withdrawn from this course by your instructor or by the Finance Department. The course syllabus provides a general plan for the course; deviations may be necessary.

Course Overview: The class is a survey of course in consumer and personal finance. Topics include goal setting.

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