Coursework assessment method

This can be particularly useful if the portfolio is to be shared with external audiences unfamiliar with the coursework such as parents, other educators and community members.

Coursework assessment method

Formative and summative are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Principles of Assessment The University sets out principles to promote assessment that is fair, valid and reliable. These apply to all methods, for example, essays, presentations, portfolios or exams.

The following University-wide Principles of Assessment are intended to inform the approach to assessment in all departments: Assessment should be valid.

Assessment should be reliable and consistent.

Coursework assessment method

Information about assessment should be explicit, accessible and transparent. Assessment should be inclusive and equitable.

Promoting Safety and Competence

Assessment should be an integral part of programme design and should relate directly to programme aims and learning outcomes. The amount of assessed work should be manageable. Formative and summative assessment should be included in each programme. Timely feedback that promotes learning and facilitates improvement should be an integral part of the assessment process.

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Staff development policies and strategies should include reference to the development of Coursework assessment method practices. Further information about the policies and processes, including more detail around the Principles of Assessment, can be found in the Assessment and Feedback Processes and Policies pages.

Ensuring reliability of assessment Even when the intended learning outcomes and assessment tasks are clear and closely aligned, it is important to also set marking criteria in order to identify whether a learning outcome has been achieved, and to what level it has been achieved.

Marking criteria help to ensure consistency, both between markers and even with the same marker as the criteria provide a clear indication of what assessors should be looking for. It is therefore essential that you stick to the marking criteria when marking each assessment, regardless of your personal opinion of the criteria.

It is also helpful for students to be able to access the marking criteria so they know what you are looking for. The University has institution-wide marking criteria that define each level of progression through a programme of study. Some departments, modules, and individual assessment tasks will have their own marking criteria based on the institution-wide set, so it is worth asking colleagues about your departmental processes.

However, it is still possible to interpret marking criteria in different ways: Between markers Between different students' assessments even if the marker is the same Between questions Between different years of study even if the assessment task is the same Processes therefore need to be put in place to ensure that markers are consistent.

One method is a process of standardisation, where sample assessments are used to demonstrate what the criteria look like in practice and markers are required to mark to the standard assessments. This helps to ensure that all markers are using the criteria in the same way across the board.Careers and employability Information, advice and guidance for our students and graduates on building skills, experience and contacts to improve employability.

Assessment methods are the strategies, techniques, tools and instruments for collecting information to determine the extent to which students demonstrate desired learning outcomes. Assessment Methods Evidence is provided that the assessment methods yield truthful, fair information that can be used with confidence Each assessment method clearly matches the learning goal being assessed and multiple assessments are used systematically (repeatedly, on a schedule) over time.

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