A study on jibon bima

Financial System in Bangladesh, Source:

A study on jibon bima

In fact practical orientation with day-to-day activities of an organization is one of the most important requirements of BBA program. To fulfill this purpose I was sent to Shahjalal Islami Bank limited SJIBLForeign Exchange Branch as an intern in this regard under the supervision of two supervisors one is internal form the institute and another is from the organization for three months.

On the basis of working experience for this period I have prepared this report and I have tried my best to relate the theoretical knowledge with the practical work situation.

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The specific objectives of the report are: To study various desk works of the Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited. To know about the General Banking activities of the banks.

To know about the Foreign Exchange system. To know the Investment policy of the Banks. To know about the remittance of funds. To acquire an in depth understanding of the functions of each department. Coordinating the functions of various departments. I was assigned to Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited by the authority and found the following boundary of my study there: To meet the objectives of the study I realized that a single method would not be effective.

To collect the necessary and meaningful information the following methods were applied.

A study on jibon bima

Both primary and secondary sources were used in here. The report was fully investigative in nature. Data have been collected from two sources: Face-to-face conversation with the respective officers and staffs of the Branch.

Practical work experience in the different desks of the departments of the Branch covered. Relevant file study as provided by the officers concerned. Web site of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited.

One is organizational part and another is main assigned part. Because they were busy with their work on that time. Shahjalal Islami bank limited is a commercial bank and its play a very important role in our economy; in fact it is difficult imaging how our economic system would function efficiently without the help of commercial bank.

They are heart of our financial structure since they have the ability, co-operation with the Bangladesh Bank to add to the money supply of the nation and thus create additional purchasing power.

These characteristics set commercial banks apart from other financial institution.

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In addition to issuing deposits payable on demand they accept time deposit. By lending and investing these resources and by transferring funds throughout the nation and even between countries, they make possible a more complete utilization of resources of the nation.

Although banks create no new wealth, their lending. Investing and related activities facilitate the economic process of production, distribution and consumption. These Divisions have small departments or units under them. At birth, Bangladesh inherited an interest based banking system, which was introduced here earlier when the country was a part of British Colony.

Since its inception Bangladesh saw a new trend in banking both at home and abroad. Islamic banking was successfully tries in Egypt. At home, the Islamic groups were vigorously working for adoption of Islam as the complete code of life. They found Islamic banking in ready form of immediate introduction.

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Their professional and right-thought activities were reinforces by a number of Muslim entrepreneurs working under the aegis of Muslim Businessman Society 9MBS. The body concentrated mainly in mobilizing equity capital for the emerging Islamic bank.jibon bima curporation a kisu mas office sohokare kag korce,,apne jude amk ai kag ta ditan onak opoker hoto amr namber= Anonymous Nov 29, at am.

September 19, - Md Shafiqur Rahman Patwary, Chairman of the Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority (IDRA), unveiling two books ‘Jibon Bima’ ‘Sadharan Bima’ published by Corporate Training Institute Expert Academy at IDRA auditorium in the city on Monday.

A comprehensive study by King and Levine () from across developed and developing countries over the period provides compelling evidence that economic growth is dramatically dependent on the size of financial sector, credit to private sector and enterprises and interest rates.

Jiban Bima Corporation (JBC) has published Exam Schedule And Admit 01 categorizes post. Jiban Bima Corporation (JBC) is one of the largest Government organization in Bangladesh. Jiban Bima Corporation (JBC) has published a huge job .

Resource Management 3 MIS P 2nd Year (For 1st Practicum Profile - Webs ph-vs.com%ph-vs.com This report is some sort of case study.

pour plus tard. enregistrer. Liés. These operations were:the Jatiya Bima Corporation, Tista Bima Corporation, Karnafuli Bima Corporation, Rupsa Jibon Bima Corporation and Surma Jibon Bima Corporation. The Jatiya Bima Corporation was an apex corporation only to supervise and control the activities of the other insurance corporations which were responsible for underwriting. JBC admit card download www jbc teletalk com bd. Jibon Bima Corporation JBC official Teletalk website ph-vs.com Written exam admit card download.

So the scopes of this report are limited. The first scope of this report is to have practical experience about how a research is done in the business organizations. Head office of this bank is at 10 Dilkusha C/A (Jibon Bima Tower) Dhaka. The general information about the organization is as follows as.

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